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''Ozzie and Harriet'' - David's Almost In-Laws (Aired 23 November 1960)

Published 1960

An episode of the ABC-TV sitcom "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet". This episode contains some original commercials and a rebuttle to "Rockchester - City of Quality" (I'm only half-joking about the second part). In this episode, Ozzie, Harriet and the parents of David's girlfriend all assume the two are about to get engaged. Cast includes: Ozzie Nelson, Harriet Nelson, David Nelson, Ricky Nelson, John Hubbard, Lucy Prentis, Skip Young, Judi Sherven, and Lyle Talbot.

Run time 28:09
Production Company Stage Five Productions
Audio/Visual Sound, Black and White


Reviewer: JayKay49 - - April 10, 2015
Subject: 28 Minute Long Advertisement For Coca Cola
The Nelsons were always faithful to their sponsors. I lost count of how many times coca cola was mentioned in this episode. (Speaking of that, I got one of those Brownie Starmite cameras - probably that Christmas. Pretty good camera. I used it for many years. The flashbulbs weren't all that cheap, though.)

Good episode as usual. My favorite scene was Harriet standing on Ozzie's back.

Anita Baker in that Coca Cola commercial (with the very memorable jingle). Who knew then that she'd eventually get shunned for speaking out against (what was termed in those days) "fairies."

I also remember that "Worship at the church of your choice" at the very end. The "religious" facial expression on the son in that family image is about as classic as it gets. My brother used to have that look in church. Then torture me the rest of the week.
Reviewer: bunny45 - - May 4, 2012
Subject: Will the real June please stand up..
I see this isn't the real Mrs. June Nelson as played in later episodes.

Were David and June Blair already married, thus giving the character the name June in preparations for the real June to play her later?

So many questions! :)
Reviewer: Seto-Kaiba_Is_Stupid - - July 29, 2009
Subject: I Uploaded This
In this semi-complete episode (28 minutes), we see some very good comedy. Despite the episode title, Ozzie is the main character in this episode. He and David's Girlfriend's father can't seem to agree on anything (we also learn that Ozzie doesn't like the designs of some of the modern new schools). Wait until they find out who Ricky is taking out on a date! Interesting to see outdoor filming in a early 1960's sitcom episode (indeed, this series featured outdoor filming pretty early on).

We also see a Coca-Cola commercial feauring a catchy single, a clever bit of product placement (something not that common at the time), a brief appearance by the ever-popular Lyle Talbot, Ozzie getting splashed with mud, a fun Eastman Kodak commercial, a very short 2nd Coca-Cola commercial, a religious PSA, and that ever-popular ABC-TV ID.

Directed by Ozzie Nelson
Screenplay by Jay Sommers, Dick Bensfield, Perry Grant, Don Nelson and Ozzie Nelson (really? it took 5 people to write this episode? Don't get me wrong, it's very good and entertaining, but five whole writers for a 25 minute sitcom episode?)
Producer: Ozzie Nelson.

Personally, I probably would of enjoyed the episode even more had it featured a card-game playing teenager saving the world from some guy in a blue suit, but nevertheless, it's very pleasant early 1960's Americana.